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Hemp Consulting

Thistle and Hemp Farms take great pride in the Hemp industry and our consulting services.  Scott Wood is considered one of the experts in the industry and able to partner with you through the entire seed to sale process.

In order to make a successful entrance into the Hemp Cultivation industry, it takes a partner willing to share their knowledge and expertise starting with a seed, seedling or clone selections tailored to your farm.

Scott will help you select the right plant and will assist you with automation, agronomy, nutrients, irrigation, and farm equipment recommendations and sourcing.  Once these processes are in place, he will offer guidance to help grow your hemp in the most efficient way possible to maximize yields.

Our consulting program is designed for small farms under 5 acres.  Growing hemp is labor intensive, down right daunting, and costly especially when mistakes are made.  This is where Thistle and Hemp comes in – to advise hemp farmers on best practices from seed to sale and determine your immediate business needs.

Operational Planning and Deployment

Strategic Planning – Based on state regulations and best practices, Thistle and Hemp Farms will provide recommendations for Clients business formation, business operations, potential site location, size, production capabilities and will discuss other project goals and deliverables.

Development of Plan – Thistle and Hemp Farms will develop a cultivation plan and schedule utilizing industry knowledge and experience and also based on the clients farm, production capabilities and regulatory requirements

Cultivation and Deployment 

  • Assist client with deployment and oversight of cultivation operational activities.
  • Develop cultivation production forecasting to determine workflow and staffing requirements.
  • Develop workflow design based on farm or greenhouse layout and production schedule.
  • Provide oversight of strain selection to adhere to state regulatory requirements.
  • Provide education, training, and staff preparation on cultivation operations.

Greenhouse or Farm Design 

  • Thistle and Hemp Farms will design a functioning layout for hemp production based on geography of land or greenhouse footprint.
  • Cultivation design plan will be developed using Thistle and Hemp’s regulated hemp knowledge and experience utilizing agriculture best practices.
  • The property will be designed to optimize growth strategies, streamline operations, and maximize workflow.
  • Soil sample analysis will detailed reports for fertilization, recommendations and treatment.

Equipment Identification and Sourcing

Equipment – Thistle and Hemp Farms will develop an optimal equipment list for all hemp cultivation operations based on current industry knowledge and experience in the regulated hemp industry and based on the farm layout, production capabilities and agronomic input.

Sourcing – Thistle and Hemp Farms will leverage industry relationships to source and procure cultivation facility equipment identified within the developed equipment list.

Based on Regional Availability 

Custom Farm Services

Soil Preparation – Custom tilling and soil preparation includes soil sample and nutrients in preparation for planting.

Pre-Plant Bed Preparation – Custom raised bed preparation using multi row technology with plastic mulch and drip tape layer. Cost includes Labor and Cost of Materials.

Clone Transplanting – Each clone is transplanted into a hole that is created by the wagon wheel planter ensuring a high probability of growth success. Price excludes cost of seed or clones.

Hemp Harvesting – Our team will provide specialized harvesting equipment and labor to harvest and prepare all plants for transportation. Price excludes transportation.

Genetic Sourcing 

Feminized genetics can be guaranteed by obtaining clones and feminized seeds from Thistle and Hemp Farms.  As female plants are the only ones that produce flower, it is important to know a plants sex prior to planting.  All Thistle and Hemp seeds are carefully sexed with no chance of cross-pollination.

Whether you are farming hemp for CBD, oil, food, or fiber, Thistle and Hemp Farms have access to multiple sources of seed varieties with proven genetics and success for your specific farming region.

Distribution of Seeds and Clones

Thistle and Hemp Farms is able to provide your farm with many different hemp varieties of seeds or clones to assist in your farming production.

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